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Football for everyone, everywhere

Access content on more than 400 leagues around the world

All the statistics and data on your clubs and players at the tip of your finger, including women’s and amateur football, all in the same place

Follow the day-to-day events of your favourite players, clubs and brands. Access exclusive content and share it with your people on a daily basis

Gain visibility with your professional profile and access all the job offers in the world of football

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The free app for clubs, professionals and amateurs has arrived

Access to a pro profile for everyone, whether you are an amateur or a professional. Present yourself professionally, gain visibility and access thousands of users from the world of football

Professional footballers playing in more than 400 leagues have direct access to their profile with information and statistics

At last, a search and sponsorship tool. We want your professional or amateur club to monetise and we want your brand to find what it’s looking for

Create closed groups for your amateur league or team

The first football social media platform where professionals can make amateurs viral, recommend or be recommended

Make yourself known to clubs around the world and make your professional dream come true

You can receive proposals from or directly contact and have interviews via chat with the teams or profiles you are interested in

Broaden your contact network, open up your profile and present yourself professionally, highlighting your confidence and dependability


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